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Hip Arthroscopy

At the start of the procedure, your leg will be placed in traction. This means that your hip will be pulled away from the socket enough for your surgeon to insert instruments, see the entire joint, and perform the treatments needed.

After traction is applied, your surgeon will make a small puncture in your hip, which is about the size of a buttonhole, for the arthroscope. Through the arthroscope, he or she can view the inside of your hip and identify damage that may be present. YourOrthoSolution is always keeping you, the patient, in mind and looking for the least-invasive way to repair all injuries. The smaller the incision, the less trauma to muscles and other tissues, which leads to less bleeding and scarring and a faster recovery.

Your surgeon will insert other instruments through separate small incisions to treat your specific problem. A range of procedures can be performed, depending on your needs. Some of the more common treatments for the hip performed through an arthroscope are:

  • Repairing or removing torn cartilage
  • Removing inflamed tissue
  • Trimming bone spurs

The amount of time required for a hip arthroscopy operation will depend on what your surgeon finds and the amount of work to be done. You can be assured that our top-rated surgeons have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and treat your hip problem, whatever it may be.

All of our doctors and staff at YourOrthoSolution are committed to ensuring that you not only receive the best orthopedic care in the area but also have an exceptional experience each time you visit our locations. Our dedicated staff will handle all insurance processes for you. You can expect to be in a friendly atmosphere and receive top orthopedic treatment to help you return to your usual activities as quickly as possible.

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