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Outpatient Advantages

Ambulatory surgery centers

offer many benefits

compared to hospitals.

Most of our procedures are performed in an outpatient setting in one of our ambulatory surgery centers. Discover the many advantages to outpatient surgery over traditional hospital inpatient surgeries.

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The Outpatient Experience

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

An ambulatory surgery center (ASC) is a freestanding medical facility that offers same-day preventive services and surgical procedures. ASCs are an attractive alternative to hospital outpatient departments (HOPDs) and hospital inpatient surgeries.

The outpatient surgery care model allows patients to be discharged from the facility the same day as the procedure and recover at home. Patients are then provided at-home physical therapy until the first post-operative appointment.

Ambulatory surgery centers have performed safe, high-quality outpatient surgical procedures for more than 40 years. Unless you have a health condition that requires access to a full-service hospital, you can undergo a surgical procedure of identical quality with increased convenience and savings at an outpatient surgery center.

The convenience of recovering at home generally facilitates an easier recovery than a hospital inpatient stay.

Patients and their families can relax in a pleasant environment, far from the emergency and trauma situations witnessed in a hospital.

With no hospital room charges or other related expenses, costs are significantly lower for outpatient surgery. In fact, some insurance companies only cover certain surgical procedures on an outpatient basis.

In a hospital outpatient setting, emergency surgeries and procedures that take longer than expected can delay scheduled surgeries. An outpatient surgery setting generally stays within a set schedule, as the procedures are less complex and more routine.

Turnaround time between surgeries is as much as three times faster than at hospitals, which means less waiting for patients.

Our friendly staff offers intimate personal care and highly professional service.

Ambulatory surgery centers and their doctors focus on a select number of surgical procedures at a high volume, allowing them to perfect their craft and deliver high-quality results.

Patients can be confident their physicians will treat them with the most advanced technologies available.

Patients can be confident their physicians will treat them with the most advanced technologies available.

Infection is a big concern in orthopedic surgery. Outpatient surgery centers have far lower infection rates for patient procedures than hospitals.

Ambulatory surgery centers are renowned for happy patients. Ninety-eight percent of those surveyed were satisfied with their patient experience.

Families are treated with the utmost care. When a child is scheduled for outpatient surgery, parents are encouraged to be present as much as possible before and after surgery.